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Not just a business center, we are creators of opportunity, the GTB community. Quick Quote  
According to Wikipedia, a community is an objectively connected group or network capable of maintaining and generating relatively long-standing social relations. In addition to transcending familial relations, they are also capable of defining important connections for their collective social identity and fulfillment.

 Making Friends
According to GlobalTown, the rental of offices and conference rooms is just the basics for modern business centers. We did not set out to achieve just this. In addition to providing more comprehensive service to our clients, we wish to create a warm GlobalTown community even more. To provide for the public from the heart and reinvent our services.

Jack Ma once said that the best entrepreneurship is doing a job that one likes. Simple passion and innovation is not enough for an entrepreneur, he also needs a sound system, institutions, a team and a good operational model. Entrepreneurship and maintaining operation are truly no easy tasks. All kinds of problems will arise to gradually dull your passion and energy, such as the procurement of funds, finding a suitable system, finances, human resources and even the source of clientele, just to name a few. Then you start to dislike entrepreneurship and possibly even fail.

We wish to be your strongest support! We make friends here, brainstorming together is a must! Through this community, we create business opportunities together. If you have any problems, we are here to help!

Contracted partners –
You have always worked diligently for your company and you probably never expected rented offices to provide this kind of service. But we have thought of all of them for you. All kinds of discounts and bonuses are offered including dining, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education and entertainment.

Strategic leagues –
We dedicate ourselves to create a globalized network of cooperative business centers, allowing you to easily adapt wherever you are and work without a care.

Events –
Events are held many times a year in keeping with the three major holidays and other themes. We hope to build a bridge for communication and sharing without obstacles through these events.

Courses –
From communication, management to financial accounting or human resources, we have courses about all the nitty-gritty of a company to transform you into a business guru.

 GTB Community
The first priority for a good community is the possession of an open and effective communication platform. Whether you are a current client or somebody who has any opinion about our various events, courses, serviced offices or conference rooms, you are welcome to contact and give us feed back through our official site, Facebook page or secretaries and assistant mangers at various sites. Good interaction allows us to grow together and provide better service.

Not just a business center, we are creators of opportunity. Join the GlobalTown Community now!

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