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Custom-made office rental plans provides companies with an address to register. Quick Quote  

Custom-made office rental plans provides companies with an address to register. The rental fees include basic tele-communications service charges, wired and wireless internet fees, water and electricity charges, air conditioning charges, cleaning fees and public administration fees. This allows our clients to get the most out of every dollar they spend.

We lead the market with the import of American-style office elements into Taiwan, integrating technology and leisure culture. This is done with the aim of bringing the newest office trend to business centers in Taiwan and providing our clients with the most professional business service models. We provide the best solution with our flexible and high-quality service, allowing clients to perform at their peak efficiency.

Join GlobalTown Business Center now to enjoy:
Spacious and comfortable office areas with a complete range of office furniture, a stylish lobby, fashionable VIP rooms and private reception rooms. Friendly receptionists at the counter and a 24-hour security surveillance system. Public areas also provide Wi-Fi, newspaper, magazines, coffee, tea and light snacks. Business areas are stocked with toiletries and cleaning services.

Office Solutions
 Small office-1~2 workstations
 Medium office-3~4 workstations
 Luxury office-5~6 workstations
 Large office-7~8 workstations
  • Personal office space with various office appliances.
  • Free unlimited coffee and tea
  • Wi-Fi
  • The VIP Center of that business center
  • The use of public areas in other business centers 5 times per month (two hours per use)
  • Free basic secretarial service
 Monthly newspaper/business magazines.
Free GlobalTown business education training courses.
Government event and subsidies information.
Secretaries provide service in VIP centers.
Discounts when using various conference rooms across the eight sites.
Secretarial and business services
Office appliances such as printers.
Paid GlobalTown professional courses such as HR, IT or Accounting.
● Enjoy discounts on par with contracted  GlobalTown employees and business discount options.
Participate in business opportunity gatherings held by GlobalTown for all clients.
● Discounts for transferring to other office types.
● Enjoy Co-working Space service for an additional NT2,000 per month.

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