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We provide free or discounted professional educational training courses monthly. Members may select from GlobalTown course according to their professional needs while participating in opportunity exchange gatherings with hundred of other businesses. Quick Quote  

GlobalTown memberships provide the most economic service package designed specifically for businessmen. Whether your needs be meetings, receiving guests or office space, we provide flexible work space to help you maintain the best work efficiency.

Members can use the public space of around 20 business centers in Taipei, Shanghai and Kaohsiung. Our professional and neat guest receiving area will meet all your discussion and conference needs.

We provide professional business articles or articles on government events and subsidy information on a regular basis, allowing members to grasp the latest business administration knowledge and information. They may then select GlobalTown courses according to their professional needs. They may also participate in opportunity exchange gatherings with hundred of other businesses through the platform of the GlobalTown family.

 Free Items
May enjoy the VIP center service of 8 GlobalTown Business Centers in Taipei and 6 in Shanghai upon reservation.
 Subscription to regular business articles or government events and subsidies notifications.
 Free unlimited coffee, tea and Wi-Fi.
 GlobalTown business education training courses.
 Secretaries provide service in VIP centers.
 Discounted Items(Member discounts for★-marked items)
Discounts when using various conference rooms across the eight sites.
Secretarial and business services.
Office appliances such as printers.
Paid GlobalTown professional courses such as HR, IT or Accounting.
Participate in business opportunity gatherings held by GlobalTown for all clients.
Discounts for transferring to Co-working Space/ Virtual Mobile Office/ Serviced Office.

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