Jing'an Center
Beauty and fragrance in the city garden. Nestled on the southern side of Jingan Park stands our 6-storey low-rise Apollo flagship center home to our Apollo senior management team. Built in 1993 as Apollo’s first center, our Jingan Center.
Hongqiao Center
efficiency and convenience as close to transportation hub. The business center offers a bird’s eye view of the Hongqiao area. Because this center is an ideal destination for a company desiring easy access to Hongqiao International Airport and Hongqiao Ra
Xuhui Center
Prosperity and pleasantness filled with a unique atmosphere. Located in the heart of Xuijiuhui commercial area, our Xuhui business center is located in one of the busiest districts surrounded, the business center enjoys a spectacular view of Xujiahui Par
Tomson Center
Upstart in financial circles advancing with the times. Strategically located on the outskirts of Lujiazui CBD, close to the middle of the financial business district, ,make it become a perfect place a collection of work and leisure, is financial circles
Kirin Plaza
Exotic flavor revealing Japanese and Korean culture. Our Kirin center adjacent to the consulate of Japan and South Korea and close to Hongqiao airport and Hongqiao Business Hub. It is one of the largest CBDs in Shanghai and is that many multinational com
Huaihai Center
Western style and elegance with bourgeoisie taste. The Fuxing Commercial Building is just 10 minutes walking distance to the famous Huaihai Road shopping area and a minute away from the Yanan Freeway and offers the best value for its fantastic downtown l