Growth Process

GTB envisions itself as a professional management company of business centers in the future, providing a base for all Chinese people working internationally and becoming the leader of international business centers across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.
  • 2014~

    GlobalTown Business Center established a cooperation with the Conson Business Center in Hong Kong,the Apollo Business Center in Shanghai and the Vision,Wisdom Business Center in Kaohsiung This was done to provide comprehensively and professionally serviced 5-star office locations. We also strive to provide our clients with the most comfortable environments and services of the highest quality in order to help them establish an advantage in the market. We are continue to expand with the goal of extending our reaches to the global stage.
  • 2014.12

    The Dunnan Center in Taipei is established on the second floor of the Dunnan Tower Skyscraper in the Daan District.
  • 2014.9

    "GlobalTown International Business Center" is officially renamed "GlobalTown Business Center."
  • 2012.6

    In accordance with the government's promotion of the cultural and creative industry, the Taipei Tienmu Center is established in the Shilin District. It is presented as studios and workshops to provide those in the cultural and creative industry a platform to exchange ideas.
  • 2011.12

    The Taipei Neihu Center is established on the fourth floor of the NASDAQ Building in Neihu."
  • 2010.3

    In response to the beginning of direct flights between Songshan Airport and Hongqiao International Airport, the Taipei Fuxing North Center is established on the seventh floor of the Colliers International Building in the Zhongshan District.
  • 2008.5

    The Taipei Songren Center is established on the sixteenth floor of the First Exchange Square in the Xinyi District.
  • 2007.11

    The Taipei Zhongxiao Center is established on the fifth floor of the Pacific Business Building in the Daan District.
  • 2001.5

    The Taipei Dunhua North Center is established on the seventeenth floor of the HungKuo Building in the Songshan District.
  • 1993.5

    The Taipei Xinyi Center is established on the fourth floor of the Farglory Building in the Xinyi District.