Company Profile

Corporate Profile – Leader in Integrated Business Service

GlobalTown Business Center (GTB) is one of the most personalized business offices in Taiwan. Our main concept is "leader in integrated business service" and our main clientele is international businesses. We provide clients with luxurious multi-function facilities such as offices and conference rooms, professional and multi-language secretarial services as well as high end services such as legal, financial, marketing, HR and resource consultations. We meet the various business needs of our clients comprehensively, allowing them to feel at home in their home country. They will be unburdened by various administrative miscellany and adaptation to a new environment so that they can devote themselves fully to their business ventures.

GTB is the largest business center in Taiwan with a total area of 9900 square meters across 8 sites spanning 6 administrative areas in Taipei city, providing over 300 service offices with a service capability of around 1000 clients. We are also strategically in league with the business centers in Kaohsiung, Shanghai and Hong Kong, providing clients intercity and international business services. GTB envisions itself as the best partner in helping businesses grow. Not just a provider of small scale offices, but also assisting clients in promoting their business while at the same time helping them reduce cost. Being the administrative assistant and business promotion platform is our highest priority.

As the cross-strait economic ties strengthen, the interaction and trade between businesses is sure to increase as well. With our convenient office locations, professional secretarial services, sites in Taiwan (Taipei, Kaohsiung), Hong Kong, Shanghai and other major cities that integrate the business resources of the Greater China Region, GTB is your choice. Various flexible renting options suit any type of industry development. There is no more need to pay large sums of money to build new offices, clients will be able to use our offices immediately upon renting. This further saves furniture, equipment and personnel costs. GTB is also continuously expanding our contracted manufacturer resources to provide a strong backstage support. This further assists clients in quickly assimilating into the industrial environment of the region they invested in, allowing them to make the most optimized operational plans. "Helping our clients improve their business further" is our responsibility.

Business Philosophy

GTB treats people the way we like to be treated ourselves. We help clients focus on their core operations by taking care of the professional administrative work. GTB upholds the philosophy of long-term partnership with our clients by working with them and growing with them to create the biggest profits and a win-win situation. GTB envisions itself as a professional management company of business centers in the future, providing a base for all Chinese people working internationally and becoming the leader of international business centers across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Business Items

GTB provides all aspects of business assistance to become your most thoughtful entrepreneurship partner. GTB not only provides offices, but also a diverse range of business services.
To meet the spatial need of our clients, we provide various options including:

  1. Membership
  2. Co-Working Space
  3. Serviced office; Instant office
  4. Virtual and mobile office
  5. Meeting Room; Conference Center
  6. Business services:
  • (1) Secretarial Services
  • (2) Administrative supporter
  • (3) Business Connection platform
  • (4) Content and Lecture Hall Provider
  1. Business incubators
  2. GTB Community

Join GlobalTown Business Center now to enjoy:

Spacious and comfortable office areas with a complete range of office furniture, a stylish lobby, fashionable VIP rooms and private reception rooms. Friendly receptionists at the counter and a 24-hour security surveillance system. Public areas also provide Wi-Fi, newspaper, magazines, coffee, tea and light snacks. Business areas are stocked with toilet supplies and cleaning services. Custom-made office rental plans provides companies with an address to register. The rental fees include basic tele-communications service charges, wired and wireless internet fees, water and electricity charges, air conditioning charges, cleaning fees and public administration fees. This allows our clients to get the most out of every dollar they spend.

Go Service

With localized business services as a base, we strive to become an international business service platform.

Go Global

We imported the business service platform into major cities across the globe to become an internationally-known brand and corporation

Go Public

We enter the capital market and increase our publicity, expand our operational scale and become a professional and sustainable enterprise

Go Incubation

We provide start-up companies and SMEs with incubation services and business advisory services.

Go Community

We generate shared profits for the community by providing our clients more information, business opportunities and interactions.

Go Green

We care about environmental protection. As corporate citizens, we possess the corresponding social responsibilities.